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By Allan M. Larsen

This is a blog centered around artificial intelligence. Here, we will publish AI-related articles meant to inspire people to join our mission. To accomplish this we are inviting our friends and colleagues to contribute.

As the co-founder of Vertikal AI, it is my pleasure to introduce our blog, its purpose, and the intended audience. We have been working on this for quite some time and we think we finally found the right recipe.

We now invite our team and key stakeholders to blog about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and surrounding topics that may inspire people to join our mission. To this end, we will also highlight success stories from our journey and celebrate key milestones.

Our Mission

A key feature of industrial AI is to process large amounts of data in order to augment human decision-making at scale. Data can be turned into actionable insights that organizations can use to drive an effective business. In the wind industry, Vertikal AI helps O&M organizations reduce the cost of renewable energy by accurately detecting mechanical faults in advance. Avoiding unexpected component failure enables much cheaper repairs and less production downtime. Every time a modern wind turbine isn’t producing electricity there are thousands of homes being powered by fossil fuels.

“Vertikal AI mission: Realize the potential of AI to maximize wind turbine performance and thus accelerate the transition towards a society powered by renewable energy”

Crowd-sourced articles about Artificial Intelligence

AI is transformative in so many ways. It transforms processes, job roles, software design, computer design, societies, but most importantly, it transforms our potential.
By selecting AI as the central theme of this blog, we believe we have found a nearly inexhaustible source of material to write about. 

To make sure we stay fresh, our articles will be written from the unique perspectives of our team members, customers, and people we meet on our journey to accomplish our mission. We will publish updates from our startup journey, but we are especially excited to bring compelling and relevant AI-stories to our followers on: 

▪️ Predictive maintenance;
▪️ Data science & Software development;
▪️ The wind industry;
▪️ Any other topics we can draw learning and inspiration from.

Our hope is that the blog articles will inspire people to think of new and better ways to apply and maximize the potential of AI to bring about positive change.


About the author

Allan M. Larsen is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vertikal AI. He is passionate about transformative change and maximizing the potential of technology. His career has been built on leading diverse teams in innovative projects for complex organizations.