Vertikal AI’s Privacy Policy



It is important to us that you feel safe in using our services. To this end, it is important that you understand what personal information (“Data”) we collect, store and process when you use our Services. Therefore, we have this clear and fair privacy policy (“Policy”).

Consent. By using our website and connected services (jointly the “Services”), you are entering into a binding contract with Vertikal AI, (Danish company 39700980), a Danish limited liability company having its registered offices in Denmark (“Company”). As part of the agreement, you consent to this Policy and its terms.

Your Age. Guardianship. As part of consenting to this Policy, you warrant that you are at least sixteen (16) years old and not under guardianship or that you have ensured your custodians’ or guardians’ express consent to this Policy.

Responsible Data. To protect your Data, Vertikal AI will responsibly and continuously evaluate and monitor for risks to your fundamental rights connected to Vertikal AI’s collection, storage and processing of your Data. e will especially take into account any risks that you could be discriminated against, become a victim of identity theft, suffer economic or reputational losses and breach of data confidentiality.

Later Changes to Policy

Data Controller. Vertikal AI is the data controller, and it is Vertikal AI who collects, stores and processes the Data. Vertikal AI is also responsible for addressing any questions that you might have in connection with Data relating to you.

Contact information for Vertikal AI:
Jyllandsgade 8, 1,  Vejle, Denmark
+45 52 887 999

Purpose of Data. The purpose of collecting, storing and processing your Data is (i) to identify you as the user, (ii) to optimize and improve the Services and the Vertikal AI’s business, (iii) to better service you and other users, (iv) to abide by applicable law and regulations, (v) to enforce the agreement between you and Vertikal AI, (vi) to protect the rights, safety and property of Vertikal AI, the users and others, and (vii) to create statistics, reports and conduct data mining.

Legal Basis. The Data is collected, stored and processed pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679 article 6, meaning that the legal basis for the Data processing is (a) your express consent and (b) the necessity for fulfillment of our mutual contractual obligations.

Legitimate Interests. Vertikal AI’s legitimate interests in your Data consists of:

Data Collected and Processed. Vertikal AI collects and processes the following types of Data in connection with your use of the Services:
i.Personal information that you provide via the Services. This can for example be name, contact information.
ii.Information about the use of the Services. This can for example be pages you have visited in Vertikal AI’s website.
iii.Information from interactions with other third-party services. Vertikal AI receives data on the interaction between the Services and certain other third-party services, such information can include.

Other Sources of Data. Vertikal AI may also receive such Data pertaining to you from other sources, in particular from: Google Analytics, LinkedIn and Twitter. When Vertikal AI receives Data from other sources, Vertikal AI will ensure that the Vertikal AI’s intended use of such Data is in accordance with the purposes for which they were collected by the other source(s) and, if this is not the case or cannot reasonably be determined, firstly provide you with necessary information and the opportunity to object.

Excluded Data. Vertikal AI will not collect Data on race, ethnicity, political views, religious views, philosophical views, union relations, sexual relations or orientations, biometry, genetics, health records, criminal records or severe social problems, unless you choose to actively provide such Data via the Services, in which case Vertikal AI will not make use of or transfer such Data.

Storage Time. The Data mentioned will generally be stored for five (5) years or as prescribed by applicable law. If Data is relevant or necessary for purposes of your ongoing use of the Services, the Data will generally be stored for five (5) years after your last use of the Services. No later than at the end of the said period, Vertikal AI will delete or make your Data anonymous. Vertikal AI may also do so at an earlier time if Vertikal AI deems that retaining the Data in a non-anonymous form no longer complies with the purpose(s) for which it was collected.

Anonymous Data. The Policy does not cover Data rendered anonymous. If Data rendered anonymous becomes no longer anonymous (i.e. individuals are again identifiable), then this Policy shall apply.

Incorrect Data. If Vertikal AI becomes aware that Data is incorrect or misleading, Vertikal AI will delete or amend the Data.
Cookies. Vertikal AI may use “cookies” or similar technology to store data on your computer, mobile device or other connected device. Vertikal AI gathers certain information automatically by the use of cookies and tracking technologies such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, the files viewed on our site (e.g. HTML pages, graphics), operating system, date/time stamp, and/or click stream data to analyse trends in the aggregate and administer the site. Vertikal AI may also link information stored on your device in cookies with data stored on our servers. If you set up your web browser or device so that cookies and similar are not allowed, you might not be able to use some or all of the features of the services. Read our cookies policy.

Reports. Statistics. Data Mining. You should be aware that Vertikal AI may choose to use your Data and other users’ Data to generate reports, statistics and data mining results with the purpose of utilizing it for the purposes stated herein or selling or otherwise transferring such results to third parties. In such a case, your Data will, as far as possible, be made anonymous.

Direct Marketing. Vertikal AI will not use your Data for direct marketing purposes unless you have actively requested that Vertikal AI uses the Data for such purposes. Also, Vertikal AI will not disclose your Data to third parties for the purpose of allowing them to market their products or services to you.

Automated Decision-Making. Profiling: Vertikal AI will not use your Data for automated decision-making (including profiling) unless you have actively requested that Vertikal AI use the Data for such purposes. Also, Vertikal AI will not disclose your Data to third parties for the purpose of allowing them to conduct automated decision- making (including profiling).

Your Rights. You have all the rights afforded to you under the law, including:
i. Insight. You are entitled to be informed of what Data Vertikal AI collects in relation to you as well as access to such Data. However, access to the Data may be limited due to other persons’ privacy rights and due to confidentiality concerning intellectual property rights (including trade secrets).
ii. Correction. You are entitled to demand amendments or deletion of Data pertaining to you that is gathered by Vertikal AI and found to be incorrect or misleading.
iii. Objection. You can object to Vertikal AI gathering Data pertaining to you and you can withdraw your consent pursuant to this Policy if consent is the basis for the collection and processing.
iv.Deletion. You can demand that your Data is deleted without undue delay if the purpose for which the Data is being processed is no longer legal or appropriate.
v. Objection to transfer. You are entitled to object against your Data being transferred to third parties.
vi. Receipt and transmission. You are entitled to receive your Data in a structured, commonly used and machine readable format and have the right to transmit that Data to another controller. If technically feasible, you can ask that the Data be transferred directly to another data controller.
vii. Compensation. You are entitled to be compensated for damages or losses caused due to violation of applicable law, in particular of EU Regulation no. 679/2016.

Use of Rights. You may use your rights by contacting Vertikal AI as provided herein. However, use of the Services and provision of Data to Vertikal AI is voluntary, and if you object to Vertikal AI gathering and processing your Data or demand deletion of all or substantially all of your Data, Vertikal AI might not be able to, or may refuse to continue providing the Services to you.

Recipients of Data. In accordance with this Policy and applicable law, Vertikal AI may transfer and disclose Data to the following recipients within the European Union: Public authorities, Vertikal AI’s business partners and associates, other companies in the Vertikal AI group, Vertikal AI’s customers, suppliers and contractors. If and before Vertikal AI transfers any Data pertaining to you, Vertikal AI will check whether you have asked that your Data will not be transferred to any third party. Vertikal AI will also ensure that the necessary safety requirements are in place for such transfers.

Security Measures. Vertikal AI provides physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect Data that Vertikal AI collects and processes. When communicating Data electronically, Vertikal AI will encrypt such Data.

Complaints. Apart from complaining directly to Vertikal AI, you are also entitled to complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency (“Datatilsynet”). You can do so online via its homepage  or you can write the Agency:

Danish Data Protection Agency
Datatilsynet Borgergade 28, 5.
1300 Copenhagen K Denmark

If you are residing or working in another EU member state or believe that a violation of your rights has taken place outside of Denmark, you may also file a complaint with the local data protection agency at such place.
Notice to persons outside of Denmark. Vertikal AI’s operations are located primarily in Denmark. If you provide Data to us, the Data will be transferred out of your country to Denmark.