Vertikal AI’s general code of conduct




We take our corporate social responsibility seriously and strive towards having a positive impact on the environment through our behavior and collaborations with clients. Our main goal is to make renewable energy cheaper and more reliable, in order to increase the proportion of renewables in the overall energy mix.

Our code of conduct is based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and is in compliance with Danish and EU laws.

Human rights

We support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and make sure that we are not abusing human rights in any way.

We do not practice or accept any form of bullying, discrimination or harassment regardless of age, disability, ethnic origin, family status, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, social origin, cultural background and other personal characteristics within our own company or suppliers that we collaborate with.


Vertikal AI complies with Danish and international laws regarding labor. We do not accept any form of child labor within our own company or suppliers that we collaborate with. We ensure and support our employees’ right to freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

At Vertikal AI we believe that the best results are created when the work-life balance is right. Therefore, we encourage and offer a working environment with mutual flexibility.


Our goal is to make renewable energy efficient, reliable and affordable. With our product and services, we strive to have a positive impact on climate change by offering software for adoption by the wind industry in particular.

Within our own company we ensure to do no harm to the environment via our behavior. We aim to adopt sustainable practices in all our activities.


We do not accept any form of corruption, bribery or extortion.

Vertikal AI places the highest importance on information security and data protection, which is managed and governed by  senior leadership under EU GDPR guidelines.

Our employees are trained to handle client data, and information security and data protection policies are documented on, and disseminated via, our internal workspace.


Vejle, August 25th, 2020.