Back-end Developer Alina: Career, life in Denmark and expectations

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A few weeks ago we welcomed Alina Andronic at Vertikal AI as our Junior Back-end Developer. Now as promised, she would like to tell you more about herself:

I have been surrounded by computers throughout my whole childhood and my father has always been interested in electronics, he’s truly passionate about it. At some point I realized I liked this world, and was sure it was going to be my career path but not exactly within IT; At that time I thought one had to be a genius to work with software programming.

“I had that stereotype in my mind of one having to be a genius to work with software programming.”

Despite the stereotypes, I was determined to pursue my dream to become a software engineer. I was living in the capital of Moldova, my home country, when I thought that, going to nearby universities wouldn’t have been much of a life changing or a challenging experience for me. I wanted to be an international student somewhere else in Europe. Among other countries, I was considering Denmark; I then applied to and was accepted at Via University, in Horsens.


Working at Vertikal AI

After my graduation I had an interview at Vertikal AI, where I saw the opportunity to build up my skills, even though I didn’t have much experience with Kotlin and other rather specific languages. I wanted the job, it seemed challenging and rewarding, like a roller-coaster of problem solving and achievements.

I felt confident, right off the first day, like I belonged. The way they manage the tasks is well structured and I am impressed by my colleagues’ high level of expertise. It is inspiring to work with them, there is purpose in every task and, it helps me to understand, even more, the importance of renewable energy for our society.

Life in Denmark & learning Dansk

Living in Denmark was challenging in the beginning mostly because of the language. I attended Danish language courses, but it was kind of difficult, there was not much contact with the local people and, at Via University, the community is predominantly international.

I want to live in Denmark though. I believe it is only a matter of time, until I feel completely integrated. My family now lives here too, so it feels like home and, I want to embrace this new lifestyle as much as I can. Moreover, I am determined to learn Danish.


Alina Andronic is 22, from Moldova and is looking
forward to mastering Kotlin as a Back-end Developer.

Hobbies and expectations

I have what you’d call quite normal hobbies. Reading science fiction for instance: right now my favorites are from Stanislaw Lem. I also play acoustic guitar; I don’t know the notes well, but I pick up the melody from the cords and start singing along. Aquatic sports are something I enjoy too, so quite often, I go to swimming halls.


“I believe that perfectionism is achieved when our efforts are good enough and we learn from our mistakes.”

I hope to master Kotlin and other languages soon. I want to become a highly skilled software developer, at the same level of my colleagues at Vertikal AI, so I can continue to grow professionally. There’s still quite much I need to learn to be “perfect”, but I believe that perfectionism is achieved when our efforts are good enough and we learn from our mistakes.

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