A more efficient way of maintaining wind turbines


One Danish company is showing how wind turbines can leverage artificial intelligence to efficiently prevent expensive maintenance issues.

Wind power is a crucial ingredient in society’s transition to renewable energy. The problem, however, is that wind turbines are still terribly expensive to operate and maintain – representing up to one third of the cost of renewable energy.

In fact, an unexpected fault on a critical component often results in the entire turbine being shut down. This could leave thousands of homes having to be powered by fossil fuels for up to several months. For the wind farm owner, it means lost revenue and very expensive repairs.

The key to preventing these potentially debilitating breakdowns is early fault detection. Traditionally, this has been done via condition monitoring, a process that uses advanced sensor data to monitor the health of mechanical equipment.

“The engineering experts involved in this process are like doctors for wind turbines, trying to identify the disease as early as possible and recommend the most effective cure,” says Allan Larsen, project coordinator of the EU-funded PAVIMON project.

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